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Fun Sports Soccer

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FUN SPORTS started in the fall of 2005 with 130 children. Today they have over 850 children and growing in their Bakersfield Youth Sports programs.

This program is FUN: F- is for Faith (faith in God ), U- is for Unity (the children will learn about being a team and working as a team), N- is for Nurture (the children will learn sports skills in an encouraging environment). FUN SPORTS is not a program from any individual church but it’s for serving all children of Bakersfield.

The ages of the children are from 3 years old to 11 year old.

Sports offered are Itty Bitty Sports for 3 yrs and Soccer for 4 to 11 years old Winter Basketball, T-ball for 4 & 5 yrs, Coach pitch 6 & 7 yrs, Spring Flag Football plus so much more.


Mailing Address:
11606 Traviso Ave.
Bakersfield, Ca 93312

E-mail: bagalajohn@juno.com
Phone: (661)378-2749 or (661)378-2749

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